Cupping therapy found restorative options for better health


Cupping therapy is an alternative health treatment of Chinese medicine. This is an ancient method of health care used to treat disease that comes with acupuncture. Sometimes it can be used in conjunction with modern medical treatment.

Cupping therapy use a glass or cup and using heat to expel the air inside to create a vacuum. Until the temperature is reached, take out the glass. Then place the glass on the point or area of ​​the body that aches. With the vacuum suction from the glass, the heat is absorbed onto the skin. To open blood vessels and stimulate the blood circulation process, the glass will suck up the skin and muscles, causing red marks. But don’t worry, because this time will go away on its own within a few days. Normally, the time required for cupping therapy is 10-15 minutes.

Types of cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is divided into the following two main types:

  • Dry cupping therapy: It is used to stimulate the inside of the cup to generate heat. Typically, a cotton ball is moistened with alcohol and heated on fire. The heat drives oxygen out of the cup, causes the glass to have suction force on the skin. Or sometimes, you may use the technique of placing the glass on the surface first. Then suck the air from inside later.
  • Wet cupping therapy: A needle is used to pierce the skin before cupping or the piercing may be done after cupping finished. So that the toxins can be released from the body through the drilled hole.

Cupping therapy method

Each method of cupping massage has different characteristics and purposes as follows:

Cupping is left on the skin

  • Focus on treating pain or problems that can arise from coldness, body imbalances or pain at a specific point.
  • The glass is generally placed at that point, and use pressure inside the glass to increase blood flow.

Dynamic cupping (Zhouguan)

  • Place a suction cup on the skin. Then move the glass along the specified path.
  • Reduce pain and adjust breath function.

Quick-pull cupping (Shanguan)

  • It is a method that uses force to suck the glass quickly and repeatedly in the desired area.
  • To treat pain and numbness in the area that cupping is used.

Cupping combined with the use of sterile needles (Si Luo Ba Guan)

The use of glass and needles together increases efficiency in treating certain diseases such as abscesses and aches and pains.

Cupping combined with acupuncture

Strengthening the efficiency of cupping acupuncture to help stimulate acupuncture points to be more effective.

In every case, the doctor must make a detailed and careful diagnosis to determine the point of correct and effective treatment, such as through taking the pulse (Mae) and asking the patient for initial symptoms. Therefore, cupping therapy has steps and techniques. That is different, according to each method and Chinese medicine.

Benefits of cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is to be used to treat many symptoms and diseases as follows:

Respiratory disease

Colds, sinusitis, tetanus: Cupping is used to reduce inflammation and improve the breath.

Gastrointestinal disease

Such as stomach diseases, gastric ulcers: Cupping therapy can reduce pain and stimulate the digestive system.

Circulatory system disease

For example, high blood pressure: By stimulating certain points on the body to control blood pressure.


Such as headaches, stress, anxiety, insomnia: By reducing tension and stimulating blood flow.

Skin diseases and problems

Such as abscesses, pus, dermatitis: Cupping can help with the withdrawal of waste and promote circulation.


Cupping is used to reducing pain and relieve shingles symptoms.


It is used to reducing inflammation and help acne heal faster.

Menstrual pain problems

Cupping is a method that can reduce pain and stimulate blood flow.

Weighted control

By stimulating metabolism and altering the balance of breath in the body.

Who should avoid cupping therapy ?

There pregnant

Because cupping therapy can increase pressure in certain parts of the body and may affect pregnancy.

People who have problems with the blood system

Such as Hemophilia (blood clotting disease) or people who have problems with blood clotting.

People who have a historical cerebrovascular disease

Because cupping therapy may increase pressure in the head area and affect the blood vessels in the brain.

People with skin problems

For example, people with skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or sensitive and fragile skin.

People who have seizures

You should consult your doctor to assess your risks and health conditions.

People with epilepsy

This is because cupping therapy may stimulate the nervous system and trigger symptoms.

However, although cupping therapy is a popular method and used for many symptoms, you should consider it carefully. Also, ask for adequate information from a doctor or specialist before using the service for safety in treatment.

What should I do after cupping therapy ?

Behavior after undergoing cupping therapy is important to support the most effective treatment and reduce the risk of treatment, here are some tips for taking care of yourself after that.

Choose to drink appropriate water temperature

  • Drink warm water or room temperature water to promote the elimination of waste from the body.
  • Avoid drinking cold water or alcohol as this may stimulate blood flow.

Refrain from bathing or touching cold water

After cupping therapy between 2-4 hours, you should refrain from showering or using cold water on the cupped area.


  • After cupping therapy, the body should be kept in a relaxed state and avoid activities that use a lot of energy.
  • Additional rest may be required if you feel tired.

Observe symptoms

  • If there are abnormal symptoms such as scars in the cupped area, swelling, redness, or burning, you should consult or notify your doctor immediately.
  • If you have a fever or pain in the area where cupping was done, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Plan your daily routine

Cupping therapy should be at an appropriate distance as recommended by the doctor. In general, it may be every 1-2 weeks, depending on the physical condition and symptoms that the doctor has diagnosed.

Knowing how to care for yourself after treatment, makes healing and restoring health back to normal faster.

Cupping therapy is a bridge between ancient and modern Ayurveda that offers a scientifically backed treatment method. It is also a unique choice for people who want to understand and take care of themselves in terms of health and beauty from different cultures. By allowing you to take part in restoring and strengthening your health both physically and mentally. You can make an appointment in advance to try our services at CBD clinic today.

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