Deep tissue massage relieves muscle tension and pain


If you are someone who wants to deal with stiffness or inflammation of chronically painful muscles. You may want to consider a sport deep tissue massage or sport deep tissue massage.

Welcome to our premium deep tissue massage experience. It is designed for the goal of muscle recovery. Treat inflammation, relieve stress and provide an experience tailored to your needs with certified therapists. Ready to enhance you experience good health.

What is deep tissue massage ?

Deep tissue massage or sport deep tissue massage is a massage that uses various techniques from western style massage methods. There is massage in the form of acupressure, rolling lines, and pressing deeper than other types of massage. To affect the deep muscles such as tendons and fascia that may have been tight for a long time or injured from exercising or moving the body. Therefore, this type of massage is suitable for relieving chronic pain symptoms as the main goal in place of other types of massage.

Benefits of deep tissue massage

  1. Muscle relaxation : Helps in relaxing muscles, including tense connective tissue. Especially those who have had chronic pain for a long time, such as office workers who have back pain. This helps to feel more comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Stimulates the circulatory system : Helps in stimulating the blood circulatory system, Helps in expelling toxins from the body.
  3. Balancing the body : Deep tissue massage has a positive effect on the nervous system. Helps to balance the body and speed up recovery from exercise injuries.
  4. Reduce stress : Helps in reducing stress, resulting in relaxation of the body and mind. Increases the secretion of the hormones serotonin and oxytocin.
  5. Strengthens immunity : Deep tissue massage helps strengthen immunity, makes the body strong and not easily sick.

This is because deep tissue massage or sport deep tissue massage requires more pressure and rolling than other types of massage. This causes the person receiving the massage to experience some pain or discomfort. Which depends on the force used to massage usually, back pain after deep tissue massage will go away on its own. But you may use a hot compress or cold compresses can help speed up relief.

Precautions for receiving this type of massage

You should consult a doctor before receiving a deep tissue massage because some people may have health problems that are not suitable for massage as follows:

  • Problems with blood clotting or abnormal bleeding.
  • Currently undergoing cancer treatment with chemotherapy.
  • has osteoporosis.
  • Have an open wound or skin infection.

However, to ensure the best results It is important to find a qualified therapist who specializes in deep tissue massage who is licensed to provide the treatment.

Deep tissue massage is a massage method that focuses on acupressure and muscle stretching. It is beneficial to physical and mental health. You should receive a massage from someone who has knowledge and experience in sport deep tissue massage. To get the most benefit and be safe for the body, including clinics that have standards as reliable as our Dr.CBD clinic. You can book a massage appointment today.

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