Herbal poultice, natural remedies for recovery


Herbal poultice is a traditional method that has been passed down by people in many culture for health care and beauty of the body in many ways. At present , herbal medicine poultice still play a role in improving health and relaxing the body. In a natural and easy way at our CBD specialist clinic.

History of herbal poultice

The use of herbs for health and beauty has been passed down since ancient times. Humans have learned how to use medicinal plants to effectively treat disease and maintain the body through practice and belief. Throughout history, ancient people have used herbs to care for the body and mind. Some are used to treat disease and some are used for beauty and youthfulness. Knowledge about herbs has been passed down from feelings and experiences from actual use in daily life. Until now, the herbal poultice method is quite simple, but it has developed further according to human needs and creativity, various cultures. There are different methods of using and making herbal poultice, which reflects the beliefs and way of life that group of people.

By experimenting and researching science, Current herbal poultice has been developed and made more widely available. The knowledge and beliefs that have been inherited and developed improving from human creativity until the present day. The use of herbs to care for and restore health is part of the knowledge, belief, and ability to use natural resources for the benefits of medical and beauty life that exists today.

Herbs used in poultice

Let’s see what herbs are commonly used in poultice.

rotten beans

Rotten beans have the properties of nourishing the skin to make it white and clear, making the skin tight, reducing wrinkles and containing antioxidants. It also helps in nourishing eyelashes, hair, and nails.


Turmeric is herb that contains antioxidants. Helps in reducing inflammation, it also reduce dark spots, make your face radiant.


Galangal has properties that help stimulate the circulatory system. It Helps nourishing the skin to look healthy and reduces symptoms of fatigue from work.

Jasmine oil

Jasmine oil helps in nourishing the skin to make it white and clear. And it also has a unique fragrance. Helps the body relax, clear mind.


Cinnamon is used as a herb in spa treatments. Helps in nourishing facial skin to look better. It also gives us peace of mind. You can also relax from stress.

These 5 herbs are just a part of the variety of herbs that are used in poultices. Both in terms of health care and beauty, many things have been used to take advantage of nature effectively. With knowledge and beliefs that have been passed down for a long time. All herbs have an undeniable importance in our daily life.

Benefits of herbal poultice

Herbal poultice has many benefits, such as tightening facial skin pockets, reducing inflammation and improving skin health. It is considered a method of health care that has always been popular from inheritance in Thai culture. Especially in maintaining the body, let’s get to know the benefits of applying herbal medicine as follows:

1. Maintain health

Herbal poultice helps to stimulate the circulatory system. It Makes the blood supply system work more efficiently, therefore, the body receives adequate oxygen and nutrients.

2. Treat disease

Some herbs has properties to nourish the body. Helps in treating certain diseases such as treating pain, inflammation or problems related to the respiratory system.

3. Promote beauty

Using certain herbs such as lentils and turmeric helps nourish the skin to be smooth. Tighten the size of pores and helps in nourishing the skin to be whiter.

4. Relieve stress

Some herbs such as basil, jasmine oil help the body relax, reduce stress, and relieve anxiety. Helps you sleeping better.

5. Adjust and rehabilitate the body

Herbal poultice helps in rehabilitating the body after heavy use or playing sports and exercising.

Different types of herbal poultice

There are many ways to apply herbal medicine, such as making facial masks. or apply medicine all over the body.

Herbal poultice is most effective using pure and fresh ingredients combined with the correct methods. In practice, they help to reap the health benefits that make the skin radiant and healthy. However, if you have health problems or congenital diseases, you should consult your doctor or health professional before choosing this method.

Herbal poultice not only help in nourishing the body to be healthy. But also increase immunity and helps in nourishing the health of the skin to make it look lively. To revive the mind, relax from stress and lead us to better health with the medicinal properties of nature. Try and find it experience that is good for your mind and body at CBD clinic.

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