Aroma therapy massage, health benefits and relaxation techniques


Welcome to the oasis of tranquility you can experience at our clinic. Come for an aromatherapy massage, relax from the stress of daily life and let our expert therapists transport you to a world of peace and comfort. It is considered a method of taking care of the body that is widely popular. which not only promotes health and creates relaxation, but it is also about maintaining body to work better.

Aromatherapy massage is...

Aromatherapy massage is a massage method that uses essential oils and vegetable oils to help with relaxation. And it is body care that comes from a combination of massage and the use of scents from essential oils. This type of massage does not focus on weight bearing. But it focuses on creating relaxation and comfort, reducing fatigue.

The history of aromatherapy massage began approximately 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Back then, Egyptians used essential oils to care for and nourish their bodies. Not only in maintaining health, but it is also used in religious ceremonies. Especially oils obtained from chamomile plants and various flowers.

Until the ancient Roman and Greek eras Essential oils have become an important part of use in Babals. and spa for relaxation In addition to being used for relaxation Essential oils are also used as part of post-workout care.

Benefits of aromatherapy massage

  1. Stress Relief: The aroma of the perfume relaxes the body and mind. Helps reduce tension.
  2. Stimulates the circulatory system: Aromatherapy massage helps in stimulating blood circulation. Refreshes the body because blood circulates to various parts of the body thoroughly.
  3. Skin care: The oils used in aromatherapy massage helping to nourish the skin. Makes the skin soft and moisturized.
  4. Reduce aches and pains: Aromatherapy massage helps to relax aching muscles. To relieve or heal.
  5. Improves sleep quality: Massage makes it difficult for people who have trouble falling asleep. You can sleep easier because your muscles are relaxed.

How to choose oil for aromatherapy massage

Oil selection is important in aromatherapy massage because it affects the effectiveness of the massage. Therefore, you should choose the right oil that suits the conditions you faced and needs of each person. To increase the potential for treatment.

  1. Customers with sleep problems: Choose essential oils that have sleep-promoting properties, such as lavender oil. Relaxing or refreshing oils.
  2. Customers looking to relax: Choose an oil with a light scent, such as rosemary.

There are also other scents such as jasmine, eucalyptus, orange, sandalwood, etc.

How many types of aromatherapy massage oils are there ?

Essential oils used for aromatherapy massage can be divided into 3 types according to the production process as follows:

  • 100% natural extracted.
  • Use scented perfumes extracted from natural ingredients.
  • Use chemically extracted scented perfumes.

Essential oils are usually extracted from plants or flowers.

Aromatherapy massage techniques

  1. Warm up your muscles: Begin by warming up your muscles with a gentle massage.
  2. Vein massage: Massage along the circulatory lines to stimulate circulation.
  3. Massage each point: Pay attention to the points that create symptoms for the customer from stress or pain.

Aromatherapy massage is not only about taking care of the body and mind. But it is also a way to create good health for yourself. Aroma body massage is a great way to access and care for yourself on a deeper level. In addition to eating nutritious food get enough rest and exercise regularly.

How good is aromatherapy massage at Dr.CBD Clinic ?

  • Standards and reliability from doctors.
  • You can reserve in advance at your convenience. You can contact to make an appointment or consult a doctor.
  • Expertly trained therapists to ensure a superior massage experience.
  • 100% organic essential oils and dietary supplements.

Nowadays , aromatherapy massage is widely popular all over the world. Because it doesn’t work as hard as traditional Thai massage. So it doesn’t hurt when massaging. It’s another option for people who want to try massaging for health. Along with the scent and properties of essential oils, it is used to create a complete massage experience that is both relaxing and caring for the body and mind at the same time. Although the price of aromatherapy massage is higher than traditional Thai massage, But you deserve a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Let our medical professionals help you relax and improve your well-being at the CBD Clinic.

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