The healing power of neck, shoulder and body massage


In today’s society, people are under constant stress and their bodies need ways to relax and release. One of the best ways to reduce stress is with a body massage, including neck and shoulder massages, which have been used for centuries to heal the body and mind. It is still popular until today.

Massage is an art and science that has existed since ancient times and has been commonly practiced in many places. Culture for healing and relaxation both physically and mentally. Especially those who have problems with body aches or various organs. In the same way, neck and shoulder massage is not only a way to provide short-term comfort. But it also has a variety of health benefits.

Basic massage positions that you should know

Massage is an ancient science and is considered a very popular health care method. Nowadays that many people choose to taking care of their health. Because it’s convenient and suitable for holidays. Today we will explore the basic massage poses that are often used in a relaxing massage.

Tilt massage

If you experience pain in your neck or shoulder area. The body tilting massage method is used. And use your fingers to stretch your neck and shoulders with slow movements in various directions.

Point stimulation massage

There are many points that are considered important points in massage, such as the hip area or around the knee. The little finger or thumb is used to put pressure on these points. To create relaxation and reduce pain.

Stroking massage

This method is suitable for massaging the arms or legs. It uses flexibility with the fingers and pull the muscle in a straight direction. This improve blood flow and relax the muscles.

Striking massage

Use the method of hitting the neck, shoulders and head, using your fingers to hit gently in the area that needs massage. This will stimulate blood flow and is useful in relaxing muscles as well.

Spinning massage

Use your hands to place them on the area you want to massage. Then spin it in circles with your fingertips. This helps in stimulating blood flow and can reduce muscle tension.

These are all basic massage positions that are commonly used in general massages. The correct and orderly massage will help you feel better and more comfortable. If anyone wants to know in-depth details, they can ask our experts or doctors.

Benefits of neck and shoulder massage

1. Relieve aches and pains

Pain and stiffness caused by use or repetitive activities can be relieved with the right massage. Body massage helping to relax muscles, relieve aches and pains or stiffness. This is a symptom that is often found in working people who have to sit in the office for a long time because neck and shoulder massage improve blood circulation in the body. The pressure applied to their muscles and tissues during massage helps in the circulation of blood and oxygen. This increased circulation can lead to many benefits.

3. Reduce stress

Massage helps to release the stress hormone cortisol. Makes the body feel more relaxed which restore the body and improves sleep quality from the comfort after the massage. Especially, the relaxing head massage that can relieve anxiety and depression.

3. Maintain mental health

The relaxation that comes from massage is not only beneficial to the body. But it also helps maintain health and balance of the mind as well. The brain releases endorphins during massage. Helping make you feel relaxed and calm. This includes improved energy levels and a boost in immunity.

4. Increase body flexibility

Body massage can improve flexibility and movement in the body. Pressure is exerted on the muscles during massage, helping to stretch and relax them. This may lead to increased flexibility over time. Massage can also improve movement. Helping reduce the risk of injury from exercising or playing sports.

A neck and shoulder massage is a way to relax and care for your body and mind with many benefits. Therefore, not surprising that massage is still popular until today. If you have never had a massage before considering it part of your own health maintenance routine. Guaranteed that you will not only feel better. But it also to promote daily life very well. If you would like to make an appointment for a massage, you can contact CBD clinic right away.

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